About Us

Curious Cat Clothing is a small St. Louis-based costume and clothing company that has been serving the science fiction/anime/fantasy/Renaissance/Steampunk community of St. Louis since 1997. We specialize in larger sizes, famous for our Hawaiian shirts (from size small to 5x), Victorian and Edwardian corsets, and handmade hats. We also have some Jaxon brand hats including English derbies, Victorian top hats and deadman top hats.


I’ve been sewing in earnest since 1993. Before I could sew, I taped and stapled clothes together on my dolls. My degree is in costume design, more specifically, theatrical costuming. Curious Cat Clothing consists of me, my husband (who shleps heavy things) and my  #1 minion, Erin, who helps (wo)man the booth at conventions. I’m also a stay-at-home mom to my son, Gabriel, and daughter, Lillian.

I AM A FABRIC SNOB! If it’s not cotton, silk, linen or just doesn’t feels pretty, I don’t want to work with it. I have a big room of fabric/trim/buttons/patterns. So much fabric, in fact, that we now built a studio in the basement, which is nice because I can watch Hulu while I work now.

I do not sell my corsets online, as my corsets need to be tried on for a proper fit. Different women have different what we like to call “squish-factor”. It’s hard to take that into account when sizing a corset. If you've previously tried on a corset and received a wish card with your proper size, feel free to contact me and I can show you what I have in stock in your size.

I am rather active on my Facebook page, so if you don’t see updated info here, please feel free to like my page to keep up to date on what’s going on in the studio and where we’ll be next.

Thanks for visiting!

Please remember that all my work is hand made (aside from the Jaxon hats) by me. Most of it is short runs or one of a kind items. They take time to finish right if they are not in stock. Be patient. It's worth the wait!