what a crazy world we are living in right now!

May 8th 2020

Greetings! Looks like it's been exactly a year since my last entry!  Let's see... where to begin...

In the past month, I've made over 1000 masks (the first batch I donated to a local hospital, the rest are on my Etsy store). My son turned 17 and my daughter turned 11. My husband and I both had to stop working our "normal" jobs. He was able to qualify for unemployment. I was not. Over a dozen of my shows were canceled or moved to the fall, including my first big art fair. That was disappointing. But, we are all four healthy, have a roof over our head, and are keeping sane for the foreseeable future, at least.

My maker space closed in March, which means I am unable to make new wooden products. All of the wall hangings are complete and ready to ship. However, the cutting boards, trivets, coasters, and keychains may or may not be in stock. If they are, I will ship them to you asap. If not, I'll let you know and you can choose a different design or request a refund. Thanks so much for your understanding and support in these hard times. 

Be smart and stay safe out there!