I do not sell my corsets online, as I find they really need to be tried on for a proper fit. Different women have different what we like to call “squish-factor”. It’s hard to take that into account when sizing a corset. My Victorian over bust corsets run from dress size 4-22 and my Edwardian under bust corsets run from dress size 4-24. Usually, when you try one on, it's best to start with your dress size or the size of your favorite jeans and we can see where we need to go from there. If you're in the St. Louis, MO area, you can contact me and make an appointment to stop by for a fitting. I have my corsets at most of my events, so if you're able to stop by, we'd love to tie you in to one!

If you've come to visit me in person, and know what size you need or received a wish card with your size on it, feel free to contact me to find out what fabrics are in stock in your desired size. I can always make a custom corset in the fabric you want and the size you need.

If you purchased a corset and can't find your direction sheet, here's a link to it.

Remember, I guarantee all of my work, so if  you've purchased my work in the past and something goes wrong, like a busk post pops off or a grommet comes loose, please contact me and I will fix it for you for free. You may need to pay for shipping it here if you can't drop it off.

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