English Bowler

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The difference between a Bowler hat and a Derby hat is simply the following: Bowler hats are British, Derby hats are American. 

The Bowler was devised sometime around 1850 in London during a time when the top hat was the upperclassmens’ go to hat of choice. However, the top hat was impractical and inconvenient for those on horseback as it ceaselessly toppled over and was easily damaged. The hat in question was commissioned for the sake of protecting ones head from low hanging branches and, somehow, poachers.

These English Bowlers (or as we call them in America, Derbies,) by Jaxon are 100% felted wool and very durable. Made in the classic bowler/derby hat tradition - the English Bowler hat has a stiff finish and features a round crown, curled brim, grosgrain ribbon hat band and edge trim as well as a smooth satin lining.

4 1/2" Round Crown
2" Curled Brim


Made of:
100% Wool Felt

Approx. 1" Grosgrain Ribbon Hatband
Faux Leather Sweatband
Removable Side Feather
Jaxon Side Pin
Satin Lined