Sullivan Trivet with optional set of four matching coasters

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This beautiful Architecture trivet is ideal for keeping your counter top and table scorch free. It is also a lovely wall decoration. Its square coaster companion will eagerly drink up condensation from your beverage to keep your table water ring free.

Louis Sullivan was a prominent Chicago architect in the late 1800's and early 1900's and considered the father of the sky scraper. He was Frank Lloyd Wright's mentor and created many gorgeous buildings in the mid-west. One of them is in my home town of St. Louis. It's called the Wainwright building and is one of my favorite structures in the world.

This design is inspired by Sullivan's frieze work in the Wainwright building.

My 8" birch plywood trivets are 1/2" thick and sturdy. They are treated with Danish oil to harden and seal the wood. Use them to protect your precious table or counter, or hang them on the wall as a decorative piece. The coasters are made from the same 5-ply birch but are only one layer. They measure 4.25" in diameter by 1/4" thick and are also treated with Danish oil for protection.
They're beautiful, practical, and functional!

They make a great wedding or baby shower gift, housewarming, birthday or graduation gift.

Each trivet is designed on a computer, cut out with a powerful laser TWICE and painstakingly glued together to give you the most sturdy and pleasingly weighted final product. I use 1/4" 5-ply birch plywood because the grain of the wood is layered perpendicularly so it is very strong. It's also a lovely neutral color that can go with any decor. The coasters follow the same process, only they are a single layer of 1/4" birch plywood.

Custom designs are also a possibility so don't hesitate to ask!

These items are made to order. It may take a week to complete your items. Please consider this when placing your order.