Trouble with Trivets, etc.

Greetings and thank you for visiting The Trouble with Trivets, etc. section of my site! This new venture started out when I learned how to use a powerful laser cutter at my local TechShop*. I got the idea of making trivets after a Thanksgiving dinner with my mother in law. Then they just started multiplying out of control! (Sound familiar, Star Trek fans?)  I hope you enjoy the designs.

Please visit often, as I'm making more every week. I'm finding new and fun ways to use the laser, too! If you have an idea or need custom work done, please let me know. I'm developing all kinds of cool stuff.

*Unfortunately, TechShop went under last December, but all things strong enough rise from the ashes and a  new maker space is opening in St. Louis very soon, so I hope to be bringing all sorts of new creations to you once M.A.D.E. is up and running in November. In the mean time, please enjoy my items that are still in stock. You are welcome to pre-order anything that is not in stock at the moment, as I will be back up and running in the new space on November 20th.